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Money Magic Moments

3 Strategies For Managing Overwhelm

3 Strategies For Managing Overwhelm Financial, Holiday Or Otherwise I wrote this piece and posted it to Facebook in October 2017 to help combat the overwhelm we were all feeling, given consecutive hurricanes, fires, politics and the shootings we were living through as a nation. Since the

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The Vulnerable Power Of The Ask

The Vulnerable Power Of The Ask Our Miraculous Journey Into Home Ownership   Our journey into home ownership began simply with the desire to claim our own destiny. My husband, Bob, and I were tired of living under the obligation of others’ whims and it was time for a change. There

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From A Banning To A Breakthrough

From A Banning To A Breakthrough How Getting Banned From A Local Chamber Business Conference Transformed Into A Breakthrough Setting The Stage: At the beginning of July I received a phone call from the director of the local chamber of commerce over the mountain from me. She was calling t

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It’s Okay To Be Picky

Trends In Somatic Money Coaching It’s Okay To Be Picky! The value of your discernment, boundaries and vetting practices in the spiritually conscious business community. It’s true. Doing business in the spiritual and consciousness community is more loosey-goosey than regular

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Your Empowered Negotiation

A Money Magic Moment LADIES! About Your Empowered Negotiations   Recently, I’ve experienced a series of sessions with female clients that bring to light a collective message about negotiation. This message is for all of us regarding empowering women and especially empowering w

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Making Money Real

A Money Magic Moment Making Money Real #1 Somatic Money Step — The Slow Money Movement   When Money Isn’t Real More than once I’ve heard my clients and consultees say to me — sometimes in frustrated tones, sometimes in fearful tones — “Money isn’t real to me.” Gi

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Are You Allergic To Money?

A Money Magic Moment Are You Allergic To Money? Dissolving Your Polarized Money Relationship For Better Money Health The Money Stage. My husband, Bob, and I live just outside a little village in Colorado called Paonia. During my three years here, as Money Magic has more fully developed,

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How To Win The Lottery

A Money Magic Moment How To Win The Lottery What’s Hiding In The Quest For The Money Particle Occasionally, Money Magic and my money mediumship are mistaken for fortune telling and I’m asked to look into my proverbial financial crystal ball and psychically name the winning lotto

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Did I Hiccup?

A Money Magic Moment Did I Hiccup? Do you know how far apart money issues and spirituality are in our spiritual and consciousness communities? Pretty far apart. They aren’t like “don’t let the beans and mashed potatoes on my plate mix” far apart. And they arenR

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Taming Your Money Monkey Mind . . .

Money Magic Moment Taming Your Money Monkey Mind You know that moment when you sit down to pay your monthly bills? And in the time between walking from the door and sitting down with your checkbook and computer you feel yourself vanish from your body and some other adrenaline monkey leap

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Having Your Cake

Money Magic Moment Having Your Cake Remember the adage about “Having your cake and eating it too?” And y’know how it’s usually a line delivered in the spirit of NOT having your cake and eating it too? Well, I’m ready to break a spiritual money myth with you.

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Empowerment Thru Gateway Debts

A Money Magic Moment Empowerment Thru Gateway Debts July 8, 2015 Did you know our debt vehicles have as much character and personality as our income? The liabilities in your debt column have insightful and helpful things to say about you and your money. The numbers do chatter. Think abou

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About Over-Giving & Under-Empowerment

About Over-Giving & Under-Empowerment How balanced giving honors ourselves, others and our wallets. I love to give. I know many people who love to give. Altruism lifts the heart. Our human condition is regularly hard-wired for giving. It’s in our psyches. Giving helps us feel g

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Oops! Did I Say That About My Money?!

Oops! Did I Say That About My Money?! How Unintended Slips Of Our Money Tongue Add Up In Our Bank Accounts I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Put your money where your mouth is.” It simply means, “Hey, if you’re going to talk smack about big action, th

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