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Your Empowered Negotiation

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About Your Empowered Negotiations


Recently, I’ve experienced a series of sessions with female clients that bring to light a collective message about negotiation. This message is for all of us regarding empowering women and especially empowering women in the workplace, in business.

To set the stage, the theme of the message is about negotiating for better pay, better benefits and better working conditions. The message shows up when I’m looking through the energy viewfinder into the light-field of a client’s life with the intent of helping them create this for themselves.

And do you know what I’m finding?

I’m finding that as a cultural collective, ladies, few of us have a collective memory of empowered negotiation in the workplace or in business. How does this work?

It looks like this – let’s look at the physical and energy facts.

  • It was only two to three generations ago that women were still considered the property of men – and the property that belonged to women was considered the property of men. Even money. When she was alive, my grandmother occasionally told me stories about her memories of seeing women treated as property – her mother included. My grandmother was born in 1907 and came of age in the 1920’s. Women had few negotiating rights. Yes, that profoundly changed with the Suffragette Movement, Rosie the Riveter, the Civil Rights and Women’s Rights Movement and more.
  • We also know spiritually, that energetically, our light-field bodies house the vibrational gene pool of the past seven generations of our families. (And our lives affect those seven generations forward in our familial line.) So, ladies, energetically, we are vibrating only two to three generations out, in a seven generation time-line, from that old collective memory of having little to no negotiating rights for our own property, our working rights, our voting rights and who we are.
  • And scientifically, we are also learning that the genes, the DNA in our bodies holds information from our relatives, our family line. So that means we physically carry this coding, in our bodies, about how empowered, or not, that we are in light of our negotiating power in business and in the workplace.

Now that I’ve laid out some of the landscape, let me show you the energy evidence I’m finding.

When I look down that rabbit-hole of the quantum light energy field with clients into negotiating for better pay, benefits and working conditions, the energy of negotiation is frequently BLANK. As in, the vibrational energy of thought of concept of idea to negotiate on one’s behalf for personal rights in better pay, benefits and working conditions – the presence of it isn’t even there.

Sometimes, when I ask women about the thought of negotiating for better pay, benefits and working conditions the response is . . . “I can do that? I have the right to negotiate?” It’s asked first from a place of potential and then from a place of personal right.

Other responses are, “I don’t believe or feel that I have a right to even ask to negotiate.”

And the show-stopper is, “I’m afraid if I negotiate, I’ll lose what I already have.”

All of these are anchored in the recent collective generational memory of our heritage. Imagine a woman with no civil rights from the 1890’s. First, she doesn’t even think she has a right to negotiate. Then, if she does have the right, there’s a concern of the guilt or shame of negotiating being allowed. Lastly, there is the taboo fear of losing what she already has if she steps up to the negotiation plate. Does any of this sound familiar?

Much of this is energetically and emotionally alive today in 2016!

Those are three pretty big blocks relating to personal negotiation:

  1. Is negotiation possible? Is it even a potential?
  2. If it is a potential, do I have the right to negotiate?
  3. If I negotiate, will I lose what I already have?

These are significant concerns, especially if they are embedded in the familial lineage, in the energy field, in the body – because it makes access to negotiation seem distant or not even a reality.

And what I want you to know is that negotiation is one of our soverign birthrights and that it’s time to shatter this old restrictive paradigm and transform it to something much more empowered for all of us.

As a supportive statistical side-note, I think you’ll find Sheryl Sandberg’s TED Talk about women at the top very interesting. Sandberg is the COO of Facebook who wrote about the phenomenon of women dropping out at the top. She has found that 57% of men in corporate America automatically believe and actively seek negotiation in their business deals and employment. Only 7% of women actively negotiate. That is a significant statistical difference, and it points to the energy evidence I’ve been witnessing in my work with clients.

Upon further research, Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever in “Ask For It” reconfirm Sandberg’s numbers quoting that four times as many men negotiate for an increase in pay at the time of a job offer than women do.

Even though, as women, we won the right to vote several generations ago, and we’ve become so much more socio-economically empowered, there is still a predominate emotional pattern, and subconscious thought pattern that negotiating for the rights of our better pay, benefits and working conditions is an anomaly, not the norm.

Ladies, we are living in the blank spot, the gap, of having rights, but only passively allowing the sovereign birthright of our negotiating power to silently float right by us.

So, the message that I want to get in front of you with today and I want you to hear it loud and clear is:

“Own your sovereign birthright to negotiate on your behalf for the betterment of your life, your work and your pay.” 

That means you have a right to sit at the negotiating table. You have a right to speak up. You have a right to ask. Without excuse or apology, it is your right to know your truth, know who you are and voice your negotiating terms: your value and benefit in light of the service you offer to provide solution for others.

When it comes to negotiating for better pay, benefits and working conditions, there are three basic terms you need to be clear about:

  1. What is the job at hand and what is required to complete that job.
  2. What are the skills, experience, gifts, tools that you bring to deliver the completion of that work. (Your value).
  3. What do you need supportively to do this job to the best of your ability (this is pay, benefits, working conditions, resources).

Is learning how to negotiate easy? At first, it’s not particularly easy, especially if you do not have a collective familial lineage to draw upon.

For many of the women I work with, when we arrive at the potential of them negotiating on their own behalf, the lack of having the familial lineage memory of a right to negotiate is emotionally crippling. (Yes, I’ve experienced it too). And in some cases, the familial lineage discourages empowered negotiation.

Yet, all of this is totally possible to overcome: To learn new negotiating skills; To create experience to build upon for yourself and for the future generations of women in your family.

What are the answers here?

We are the answer. Ladies, if your familial lineage lacks a memory of negotiating on behalf of yourself for the betterment of your life . . . well, then, it’s up to you to begin to build that familial lineage memory. This is what Ascension is all about – the upward mobility of positive, creative, constructive, empowered action on behalf of our generational familial lineage – even if our families don’t like or understand it.

We are the answer, just like our grandmothers were who went to bat for our right to vote. Just like the generation of the 60’s who peaced-out, protested, burned bras, fought their way into the work place and fought for the Civil Liberties we have today. Gloria Steinem’s generation gave us a helluva seat at the table to negotatiate. Isn’t it time we used it to negotiate for the betterment of our lives?


Here are three great somatic money tools you may begin to use now
as a foundation in support for your negotiation actions:



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