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Dana Stovern, Money Medium

Dana Stovern, money medium, is founder of Money Magic. She helps business-minded intuitive & sensitives from across the country solve their money issues from the inside out.

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“The best money I spent all year
was coaching with Dana.”

~ Elizabeth from Milwaukee, WI

“Dana is nothing less than a miracle in my life.”

~ Jessica from Carlsbad, CA

“Dana, has a kickass style of conscious business coaching that has changed and improved my style of running my business.”

~ Gwendolyn from Belen, New Mexico

Did You Know The Majority Of Your Money Relationship
Happens In Your Body, NOT Your Brain?

Learn The First 3 Tools I Teach My Clients For Money Breakthroughs, Debt Reduction and Money Empowerment In This FREE 22-Page Report . . .

  • ENGAGE YOUR SOMATIC (Body) MONEY PRESENCE: Are you present in your body with your money? Learn what SOMATIC MONEY is and how your money-body presence can help you claim your money life.
  • EMBRACE YOUR SOMATIC (Body) MONEY VULNERABILITY: Experience the COUNTER-INTUITIVE money move that can radically improve your money life.
  • KNOW YOUR SOMATIC (Body) MONEY AGREEMENTS: Identify your money agreements through the FOUR SACRED MONEY ELEMENTS for better money navigation.

The Magic Of Somatic Money is BEYOND abundance, manifestation, Law of Attraction or prosperity techniques. When you pair somatic (body) concepts and techniques with sound money relationship, it makes for a truly unique blend of metaphysical money consciousness unlike any other you’ve tried. So, sign up here…


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