Taming Your Money Monkey Mind . . .

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Taming Your Money Monkey Mind . . .

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Taming Your Money Monkey Mind

You know that moment when you sit down to pay your monthly bills? And in the time between walking from the door and sitting down with your checkbook and computer you feel yourself vanish from your body and some other adrenaline monkey leaps into your chest? Your spine? And your mind goes a little crazy?

Yes, that moment. We’ve all experienced it at one time or another. It’s the out-of-control money monkey that leaps around our brain instilling fear and triggering threats into our heart and adrenal glands. It’s one of the most un-fun places I know of.

To make it worse, unfortunately, there are few spaces we can genuinely visit about this dynamic and explore tools to tame the money monkey mind. There are few conscious resources that let us authentically look into the looking glass, right at the space of our personal transaction points with money. This space to embrace our emotions, hear our voice about our money experiences is so important, yet rare.

Why is this?

Because, for most of us, we’ve been taught money is money and numbers are numbers and it’s all about squaring the corners. And-what-are-you-getting-so-upset-about-because-numbers-and-money-are inanimate. Right?


Actually, numbers and money are loaded and pre-loaded with all the vibrational emotional and energy stuff that we tend to deny and avoid and stuff and not give context to — making it bigger than it is.

The numbers we sit with during bill paying time represent emotion, energy, time, love, hate, people, situations, forgiveness, blame, generosity, lack, fear, survivalism, helplessness, power . . . and the list goes on.

I’m sure you can put a few items of your own into that list.

The real money bottom line is this: money and the numbers are vehicles for emotional and energy charges that few of us are taught to recognize, and even fewer of us are encouraged to embrace in this space.

Yet, the magic of it, is that when we do embrace our money experience in real time, we claim our power and our value right back into our bodies.

Imagine: A lot less monkey. A lot more power. A lot more presence. A lot more value. And a lot more sacred numbers.


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Dana Stovern is a Spiritual Coach and Money Medium who helps
sensitives and intuitives solve their money issues from the inside out.

She can be reached at dana@somaticmoney.com