Somatic Money Store Selections

MODULE 1 – The Getting-Body-Money-Present Package

The Chakras

Connecting With Your Money Relationship Through Body Space & The Chakras.

These are the money relationship basics that most everyone overlooks but everyone needs. These are the subtle and simple, yet powerful daily tools that can take you from wallowing in money issues to having power, clarity and direction with your money. Those who take these practices to heart receive shift with their money relationship. This is everything that you need to get started with your Somatic Money daily practices delivered through a passcoded Wishlist membership. Purchase below or learn more here.

Package Includes – 

  • 90-minute class audio with Dana Stovern that includes –
  • The Basic Introduction (with 90-minute audio)
  • Class #1 – Slowing Down With Your Money and Making Money Real
    (text with concept, story, practices and audio practice)
  • Class #2 – Somatic Money & Getting Body-Money Present
    (text with concept, story, practices and audio practice)
  • Class #3 – Money Vulnerability
    (text with concept, story, practices and audio practice)
  • Introduction to mapping your Money Story Inventory (audio only)
  • Inclusion into FaceBook Somatic Money Group



Healing Your Money Story & Money Words

MODULE 2 – Money Language & Your Money Story Inventory

The tell-tale signs of what you really think about your money and how you really treat your money live in your words — especially your unconscious words. These words dictate how your money life runs. Pair with it your Money Story, the underlying story about your money and you have the steam engine running your money life. One of the best ways to get a handle on your money is to learn the words in your mouth and your body that are telling your money story. Once you do, you have the power to make big money change.

  • Class #4 – Money Languaging
  • Class #5 – Money Story Inventory

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