Would You Like To JV With Me?

Would You Like To JV With Me?

What Is A JV?

Dana Stovern, Money Medium

Dana Stovern, Money Medium

A JV means Joint Venture. In internet business terms, a joint venture is a partnership that cross-pollinates symbiotic expertise, knowledge and free information between partnering business owners/coaches through their audiences via emails.

For instance, it means that I share my work with your audience via email and you share your work with my audience via email. (No, you do not give me your list. Instead, you send my information out on one of your emails to your audience and I do the same for you).

There are a many ways to structure JV’s, but the heart of the JV’s that I strive for are win-win-win’s. That means it’s a win for each business owner AND their audiences. I don’t believe in relentlessly email bombing in-boxes. I do believe in high-quality, boutique, personal offerings of JV’s that augment quality of life for readership.

You’re Invited

In the spirit of higher-quality cross-pollination, I am igniting a JV project for 2017 of like-hearted and like-spirited JV’s to share compelling and quality work between audiences this year. Is this about just sending out more emails? No . . .

Instead, this is about strengthening our light network, our audiences. Sharing ideas that wouldn’t normally get out to greater audiences. Making sure our messages reach the right people at the right time providing the right help. SYNCHRONICITY.

JV Benefits

  • An opportunity to share your work with my people.
  • An opportunity to give your people a glimpse of The Magic Of Somatic Money – a fresh perspective on money relationship.
  • A potential to grow your business
  • An opportunity to strength our network through developing partnership experiences.
  • Referral fees.
  • The potential to connect, in circle, with the JV partners I’ve already worked with.

What Do You Need To JV With Me?

  • You’ll need an email audience that numbers 900 people or more. (I’m really looking for business owners with lists over 1300). If you have a larger list than this and would still like to participate, let’s discuss compensation options for you.
  • You’ll need a quality digital product (information product) that is specific to your niche or genre, fulfilling a specific purpose. This is a unique informational offering that will symbiotically provide improved quality of life information for my audience.
  • This information, product or service needs to be in the spirit of helping others.
  • You’ll need a quality opt-in page that presents your digital product.
  • You’ll need to be able to provide a quality email template platform to host my digital product for your audience. (I will do the same for you).
  • Open to the possibility of referral fees.
  • You’ll need to be able to meet via phone to book the JV; provide your text and photos to me; provide me with a proof of my email;  schedule and send the JV emails and potentially meet via phone for a completion JV call. (We want to make sure this is successful for you, me and our audiences).

JV samples are available upon request.

If you’re ready to begin, just sign up here . . .

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