Numbers, Money, DNA & Divination

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Numbers, Money, DNA & Divination

A Money Magic Moment
#’s & $ & DNA & Divination

The more I experience, the more I believe that the extraordinary is usually quiet. Quietly big. And it can slip by so momentarily silent that it’s almost missed. Almost.

I mean, can you imagine the moment a rare butterfly pops it’s cocoon. Or the moment Steve Jobs thought of the iPod for the first time? Or the moment a first raindrop fell from Hurricane Katrina? Or the moment Mick Jagger breathed in before exhaling the first note in “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”? Or the moment a deciding Supreme Court Justice touched a single finger to computer keyboard in light of rendering a decision that inevitably changed the face of legal and social structure in our country? Or the strike of the match that lit the first candle at Princess Di’s wedding reception? Singular extraordinariness.

I’m not Jobs or Katrina or Jagger or a Justice or Princess Di, but I am that rare butterfly. And I sense that whatever is happening here, in this quiet tucked-near-the-mountains valley, is something extraordinary. Something I’ll remember and think, “Yeah, that’s when it all began.”

And the funny thing is, even though it’s so extraordinary, I’m almost missing it because I’m wrapped in the middle. I’m turning inside the reality of the gyroscope so much that sometimes I forget to mention it to you.

And before this extraordinary moment goes by, I know I need to mention away, because this could change the internal workings of how you relate with money. And not just money, but especially how you relate with your value and your power (which is at the heart of the money relationship).

This article is happening because an extraordinary in-home visit with one of my clients also happened. We’ve been working together for awhile and so I trusted that I could un-shield and allow my full sensitivities and gifts to channel divine metaphysical language for her in relating personal metaphysical money paradigms.

And what came of this meeting? Something so obvious, it’s easily missed. Something so extraordinary it can puff by in a moment.

What we found after an hour and twenty minutes of channel was this: As I held her monthly spreadsheet of numbers in my hands, the numbers vibrationally changed and reconfigured so that she felt it in her DNA. Her DNA sang with programming relating to the numbers and money. As this dance moved, we were shown ancient divination held in coins, and coins that were used both for divination and the value of exchange for money. Coins that sang with numbers and money and divination vibrating through to DNA dancing with numbers and vibration and value and information.

When we completed our work, we looked at one another and said, “Wow.” Like we’d discovered one of the most important secrets of the Universe. Which, in our world, we did.

So, I’m writing this to you as a monumental Money Magic Moment, that your DNA vibrates to the tune of numbers, numbers that jingle as coins in your pocket, coins that vibrate with divination, divination that informs money in both inner and outer world.

No wonder people go to fortune tellers to learn of the money in their future. No wonder coins are tossed at the beginning of football games. No wonder numbers on the screen vibrate in our body, our soul as they are connected to our experience of value and power. Divination, money and numbers are closely linked in our DNA divining the nature of our lives in extraordinary ways.

These are silently extraordinary moments, deeply interrelated, deftly moving by. A quarter in a parking meter or a washing machine at the laundromat. A penny on the sidewalk. Change jingling to the ground, dropped from a woman’s purse. A rolling silver eagle that a clerk notices at a gas station as unique and rare. A tickety-tick rolling change of numbers in a spread sheet as a new balance breaths through your body, rolls through your DNA, reconfiguring like letters and time changes clicking over at a train station kiosk.

Arrival. Departure. Money. Numbers. DNA. Divination. Our worlds on the tips of our fingers in singular extraordinariness.


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Dana Stovern is a Spiritual Coach and Soul Advocate specializing
in money mediumship with sensitive and highly sensitive persons.

She can be reached at