Making Money Real

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Making Money Real

A Money Magic Moment

Making Money Real
#1 Somatic Money Step — The Slow Money Movement


When Money Isn’t Real
More than once I’ve heard my clients and consultees say to me — sometimes in frustrated tones, sometimes in fearful tones — “Money isn’t real to me.”

Given that our money is becoming more and more ephemeral in our digitally driven economy, those questioning the “realness” of money have a good point. With the flick of a wrist, we sling plastic cards through digital machines that move our money with the ease of air. The majority of employers and contractees, silently drop magical amounts of money into their employees and contractors bank accounts, making the days of picking up a pay check, endorsing it on the back, filling out a deposit slip and driving it to the bank more anomaly than the norm. It’s no wonder that we are experiencing difficulty in sensing a connection with our money, making that money real.

The distinction between money as a physical object (the masculine) and money as a vibrational concept (the feminine) is becoming more and more pronounced. We used to physically relate with money, more in terms of the valuation of it on paper, in cash and coins — creating a closer connection with money. Now we’re relating to our money in terms of credit cards and numbers glimmering on a digital screen, widening that connection gap. It’s no wonder we are experiencing less and less physical connection with money and more and more interaction with money as an idea, a vibration, a concept. The chasm of connection has widened.

What to do? What do we do to create the connection between the concept of our money and the reality of our money?

What do I tell my people when they are frustrated with “the realness” of money? I visit with them about how fast they eat.

What the heck does the pace of how fast you eat your food have in common with your money?

A lot, it turns out.

What Do Money And Food Have In Common?
Money and food closely relate. Money relationship sits in the second chakra of sex, partnership, creation, money and reflection. It’s the water chakra. Food relationship sits just above in the third chakra, the sun center of our personal power. It’s not an accident that great food, money and sex intermingle naturally. It’s also not an accident that “being broke” and “being hungry/starved” are also closely related.

More than once I’ve heard my clients refer to money in food descriptors. “Money is a feast and famine relationship for me.” Or “How delicious it is to have ample or voluptuous money.” Or “How nauseous they felt in relationship to a sour money deal.” The deal turning their stomach like bad food.

Noticing how you describe your money in food terms will tell you a great deal about how you are relating with your money, especially in light of your personal power (solar plexus). This is a key space for revelation — not to mention making money more real.

Lately, in light of this, I’ve noticed myself coining a popular food phrase that I would love for you to try out. You’ve heard of the Slow Food Movement? This is a healthy food movement designed to slow people down and relate with their food again. You know. Cook meals. In kitchens. Grow vegetables. In gardens. Cook a meal in a slow cooker. Sit down at tables together and . . . talk.

We’ve grown accustomed to texting and photographing and socially posting a fast food, easily accessible food environment, where the dreams of our food fantasies are conjured rapidly for us. And devoured as rapidly. The Slow Food Movement is about slowing down and savoring our food in a healthy way. Tasting our food. Digesting our food. Communing with food. Relating with food.

Guess what? The same is apparent to me about money and money relationship. If there is one message that Spirit World has repeatedly shared with me to communicate to clients, it’s this: “SLOW DOWN WITH YOUR MONEY.”

Doesn’t it make sense that if you want to “get real” with your money and “make money real” that a certain sense of “slowing down with money” and “experiencing those money transactions more fully through your body” is key?

It’s what I’m beginning to refer to as the Slow Money Movement. And currently there are about twenty members in this movement. Yep. It’s ready to take off like wildfire.

How does the Slow Money Movement work?
It works something like this:

Please STOP
and CALM DOWN/FEEL YOURSELF in your body
and then recollect your last money transaction.

Can you do that? Can you remember it? Sometimes, when I ask clients and consultees, they can’t remember their last money transaction.

That’s how fast we are moving. We are moving so fast and mindlessly with our money that we are not paying attention to when and and where and what we’re doing with it. AND we’re not remembering.

And you wonder why there are so many money problems?

Like I said. Slow. Money. Movement.

There is something radically amazing about s-l-o-w-i-n-g d-o-w-n with your money and money relationship. You know what it is?

When you slow down with your money, you are in a space to better notice the nuances of how your body is experiencing your money transactions . . . you begin to SAVOR your money relationship, your money choices. You begin to notice the nuances of what is truly and authentically occurring in your body during money moments . . .

And this is richly fabulous because it gives you so much data about how you’re relating with your money, even if your brain doesn’t know it. I’m learning, in somatic money practices, that the brain frequently lies about money, but your heart, your stomach, your second chakra, your root never lie about how you relate with money.

Given that our culture usually analyzes and thinks about money in the brain, while moving fast, while dis-embodied — those money thoughts and decisions are not taking into account the full nature of our body, our being.

While your brain is busy telling you how to steer your ship one direction, the steering column breaks off and your ship (body) drifts in another direction. It’s mis-aligned money-body relationship. This is why money does not feel real for so many people.

How do you align it? How do you make money real? Slow down. Breathe. Tune in. Relate. Learn. Digest. With your money interactions.

Try this out for me:

The next time you engage in a money transaction, consciously slow down, breathe, feel yourself in the center of your body, and notice how your body is responding to the transaction. And then share, if you want to, below.

If you can slow down enough, to begin to discover what the core of your body and soul are telling you about your money relationship, suddenly, you are in a whole new playing field, rich with the possibility and potential of a new money life.

Simple, yes. Powerful, yes.

Slow. Money. Movement. Try it out.


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Dana Stovern, money medium, helps business-oriented intuitives
and sensitives solve money issues from the inside out.

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