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Magnificent Money Conversation With Dana –

Dana is an expert money medium who works with business-oriented sensitives and intuitives from across the country to solve their money issues from the inside out using an ingenious combination of highly conscious money tools.

During your 45-minute phone visit, in safe and sacred space, you’ll gently, cathartically and directly visit with Dana about your money relationship. You’ll get clear about your money challenges, money goals/dreams, and money solutions. You’ll learn what you really need to successfully move forward.

(This is not a fortune telling session).

During Your Magnificent Money Conversation

  • We’ll identify your somatic money aptitude. How are you in relationship with your body and your money?
  • We’ll identify some of your money vulnerabilities and how they relate with your money dreams and money challenges.
  • We’ll briefly explore your current money agreements and how they are affecting your money life and creations.
  • And finally, we’ll identify at least THREE main strategies you can begin to work with to help you move through your money challenges and into your money dreams.


Who Is Dana?Dana_Coaching
Dana Stovern is a highly attuned and experienced empath channel who is establishing the emerging field of money mediumship with clients throughout the United States (and across the world). She supports intuitives and sensitives in solving money challenges holistically through body-based and spiritual-based money relationships. After a decade of spiritual work, Stovern was called to this field because of devastating losses in her life, including financial challenges. These changes required her to dig deep and team with Spirit World, creating new financial solutions for herself and others. The result is what you’ll find at The Magic Of Somatic Money.

Stovern specializes in working with HSP’s (highly sensitive persons) and intuitive business individuals who are developing business and money success in their lives. She especially provides support for those recovering from trauma that impacts business and money relationships. The Magic Of Somatic Money is tailor-made for money trauma recovery.

Stovern lives and works in Paonia, on Colorado’s Western Slope with her husband and their furry family of four and eight bee hives.

Grateful confirmations. Frequently, participants mention how thankful they are for working in safe and secure sacred space about vulnerable money conversations. They say, “It is rare to have this kind of opportunity to visit about my money relationship in this unique way, Dana. Thank you.”

Money Medium Expert. When it comes to specific, deeply articulate, detailed information and experience about your spiritual money relationship, you want Dana on your team. Why? Few others are providing this service and fewer yet in the way that she does! When you work with Dana, you benefit from her nearly ten years of successful spiritual business experience, over four years of The Magic Of Somatic Money platform development, her deep and articulated connection with Divine Financial Light Teams and experience from thousands of session hours with clients.

FTC Disclosure: Any income claims shared by my students, friends or clients are understood to be true and accurate, but are not verified in any way. Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business and personal life. Disclaimer: Concepts and strategies shared in this and any email communication from Dana Stovern Coaching are ideas that have worked for members of our team, students, clients and friends. They are not specific advice for your business. Always use your own judgement and/or get the advice of professionals to find the right strategies for your business and your particular situations. Dana Stovern is not a financial advisor, financial planner or certified accountant and does not give financial advice. Instead, this work is for receiving greater experience and knowledge and transformation concerning the inner workings of your relationship with your energy field, body, spiritual money relationship and life! How you apply this work is up to you. Specific results are not guaranteed.