Invoking Financial Unicorns

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Invoking Financial Unicorns

A Money Magic Moment

Invoking Financial Unicorns
Awareness Of The Nuances Of Money Totems

Each of us vibrates in a unique money frequency. Sometimes, our unique money frequencies partner with powerful money totems. Vibrational money totems are real and a real part of our metaphysical financial development with real world manifestations. Enter the Unicorn.

After my divorce and before I met Bob, I lived in the San Luis Valley, Colorado’s south-central high desert ground surrounded by three spectacular mountain ranges that seemed to always be filled at night with the most starlight of any place I’ve ever lived. The night sky whirred with the thought-motion of star beings from the inter-galactic realms, shedding star speed from their capsules as they came and went. The Animas River Valley, where Bob and I used to live, rattled with the bones of the Ancients, frequently calling us to pull our drums from the walls and pound on the rawhide into the night, especially in full moon. The place where I call my childhood home, on the edge of the Great Plains, in sight of the Rocky Mountains, always softly undulated with the past giant deep water ocean currents.

Every place I’ve ever lived uniquely echoes with the known and unknown of gentle and sometimes piercing vibrations of all the multi-dimensions they hold. We undoubtedly share our space with ourselves and other inhabitants. We are not alone.

So, it came as a pleasant surprise that the valley of the North Fork of the Gunnison River, where we now live, holds something unexpectedly wonderful . . . gnomes, elves, fairies, leprechauns — throngs of elemental faces in the tree bark and grasses and mountain sides and clouds and even the people in town. With this wonderful village comes an over-abundance of rainbows marking the spaces of these sage wonders. Tell-tale rainbows.

The thing I did not anticipate when we moved here were the Unicorns that undeniably appeared in the full moon light in our first summer here. When they revealed themselves shimmering in silvery-white, I knew they’d always been here for hundreds-of-thousands of years, even before the first indigenous walked this sacred valley.

I’ve been privileged, in some of my most vulnerable moments, to receive amazing interactive heart healings between myself and the Unicorns. They’ve arrived in support and protection, surrounding me when I’ve felt despondent in light of past waves of trauma — lifting that space and making things more whole for me again. The wholeness has undeniably helped me with my money relationship. The Unicorns are intermittently a remarkable part of my spiritual dialect and dialogue here.

In light of this, when it was recently mentioned to me in a “real world” business conversation about “hunting (financial) Unicorns,” the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end. The conversation and words were about creating prosperity gifts in light of the symbolic pursuit of hunting (financial) Unicorns and earnestly solving credible real-world issues; however, the images that came to me were of powerful magic.

The shiver that went through my body upon mention of this felt like more of a warning than good omen.

And that is why I feel compelled to write today. The unconscious energies and acts of hunting Unicorns brings with it the energy and intent of capture, maiming and killing Unicorns — which, energetically, can create ill-omened havoc. In the space of unconscious oblivion, magic potentially crosses over into black magic. I hope its obvious to you that it is incredibly important that when you are working with powerful metaphysical money totems, that you do so in conscious awareness and intent.

I understand in “the real world” that “hunting Unicorns” is just logical rhetoric, meant to symbolize something. But in the world where magic is concerned, the space where vibrational energies infuse everything, hunting Unicorns is a vicarious powerful act that holds a great deal of ill-omen if there is no respect for the Unicorn and the Unicorn’s true gifts.

My experience with Unicorns is that they are sacred (as is our money vehicles) and they deliver their gifts to us in their own will and their own time. They call us. They locate us. Our best energies in relationship with Unicorns is the energy of invitation and invoking, not hunting. More often than not, the healing gifts Unicorns deliver lead to the prosperity we were looking for. I’ve found this to be true on multiple occasions.

So, my suggestion is to un-hunt your Unicorns. Let them be. Let them come to you of their own accord. Invite, invoke. I promise, at the time you need them the most, when your heart is broken wide open, they will appear for you on your lawn in the soft full moon light shimmering in silver, ready to give you the healing peace you always sought in the first place.


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Dana Stovern is a Money Medium
who helps sensitives and intuitives solve money issues
from the inside out.

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