How To Win The Lottery

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How To Win The Lottery

A Money Magic Moment

How To Win The Lottery
What’s Hiding In The Quest For The Money Particle

Occasionally, Money Magic and my money mediumship are mistaken for fortune telling and I’m asked to look into my proverbial financial crystal ball and psychically name the winning lotto numbers. It’s very similar when individuals ask me to predict large sums of money arrivals in their lives to solve financial problems. This dynamic seems to represent our singularly-focused modern-day treasure hunt that will single-handedly solve all of our financial woes.

Frankly, we’ve all been triggered into this dynamic, wether we know it or not or want to or not. Why? Biophysically, we’re hardwired, through our survival reptilian brain and central nervous system and root chakra, to instinctually look for THE ONE THING that will financially solve EVERYTHING. It’s the hunt for the ultimate treasure, the ultimate solution that will solve the ultimate financial challenge — right?

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a thousand times, “I’m looking for that one thing in my being or my money strategy that is the one thing that I need to do to solve all of this financial mess.” There it is — the spelunking expedition begins for the one magical money pill to solve a myriad of financial snarls.

This pattern emerges so frequently in my work with clients, even individuals who know better, that I’ve come to expect it, to anticipate it, much like a timer going off on a pie baking in the oven. DING! Done. There it is. Steaming, juicy, delicious, rich, enticing, and so not the answer to your comfort food cravings.

Searching for, what I now call, the “Fundamental Money Particle,” that will solve everything, is a lot like eating that pie. It’s going to taste wonderful in the moment of eating it. It’s going to satiate the impulse, but the real solution continues to hide, to go missing. Why?

Because true money solution is not found in the hunt for the fundamental financial particle. Nope. I hate to burst your bubble, but it’s not.

Where is money solution found? Well, it’s right there within us, already present in our money patterns integrated through our bodies.

So, for just a moment. I’d like you to please STOP. And BREATHE. And take that in for just a moment. Slow down. Hum the OM a bit and check in with the ”Hunt For The Money Particle” and then OM some more and check in with “Noticing The Money Patterns In Your Body.” There’s a big difference between the two.

Money Particle versus Money Pattern.

What am I talking about?

Imagine the crazed run-around to locate that single external turn-key money particle that will solve everything in your life. Then breathe and quietly, deeply go within, go into your body, into your core and know that all, and yes, I mean all, the solution data in light of your money relationship, is held in the intelligent think-tank of the vibratory essence of your chakras in your body.

Think about, and feel, all that juicy data about your money relationship vibrating through your soul, through your cells, through your body, informing your every money relationship action.

The brain’s insatiable drive to obtain the external physical money object doesn’t have anything on the intricately powerful intelligence of the healing money knowledge that your body holds.

When you release that money man-hunt for your ultimate money particle and slow down, getting personal with your vibratory money information flowing through your body, your money patterns begin to emerge to the surface with clarity.

Get this, every single one of your chakras vibrates with experiential information, telling the cellular code in your body about the data of your money relationship. This data appears in patterns. Micro-cosmic money patterns and macro-cosmic money patterns.

So, when it comes to the winning lotto numbers, consider this. You are the lottery, you are the treasure and the treasure hunt, and you already have your magical money numbered combination of a pattern ready to release your own richness in your life.


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Dana Stovern, money medium, helps business-oriented intuitives
and sensitives solve money issues from the inside out.

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