Having Your Cake

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Having Your Cake

Money Magic Moment
Having Your Cake

Remember the adage about “Having your cake and eating it too?” And y’know how it’s usually a line delivered in the spirit of NOT having your cake and eating it too?

Well, I’m ready to break a spiritual money myth with you. A big, bad, nosy, spiritual money myth. Here’s the spiritual money myth that I hear roll off the tongues of so many (potential) practitioners. If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a hundred times. It goes something like this . . .

The first line sounds like this: “Well, I want to practice my spiritual gifts and give what I can to the world. Make a difference. I want to help people out. I have talents, gifts, skills, certifications that I want to put to use.”

That sounds reasonable. Right?

Then, the second line goes something like this: “But I’m not really sure about charging money for this. I mean, I’m not sure that I can actually have people pay me to help them out. I don’t know if it’s right or not to charge for something that is free and spiritual, right?”

Ouch. Muddy, muddy waters.

But the third line seals the deal and it goes something like this: “But I really really want to be able to have money and make money while doing this or else I don’t know how its going to work.” The thought bubble here is “I’m afraid to make money with my spiritual/ or holistic or psychic gift.”

The third line is the key to the trap. It’s the I-really-can’t have-my-cake-and-eat-it -too booby-trap.

Let’s break the myth. Let’s un-booby trap this baby.

First, it is totally reasonable to want to work with others, providing your holistic, psychic, intuitive, healing service for others to help create solutions. Notice the words “service” and “solutions.”

Second, it is not a sin or a crime or a mistake or other guilty or shamefully-laced lower vibrational trap to choose to charge money for your service that gives solutions. You have permission to charge money! If you buy into the con of money being a bad thing to charge, you are buying into an old soul contract from long ago that probably isn’t serving you! Money is neutral. We make it what it is. Why not make it something positive with your service?!

Third, yes, the energy flows freely (your gifts, talents, skills), but the vessel needs support (food, rent, fuel, phone, etc). Clients are investing their money to provide you, the vessel, the support (and honor the intrinsic value of the work) so that you can provide and flow your gifts and services. It’s what we call exchange. And money, as energy, serves as a source of exchange. Exchange is very very important. Exchange is acceptable. Exchange is good. Repeat after me, “Exchange is good.”

This, my friends, is where you can have your cake and eat it too. You can provide your services in exchange for money and be supported in the act of giving gifts to provide help and solutions for others.

Booby-trap un-boobied!

Getting very clear about the money aspect of your holistic, healing or psychic business is one of the keys to success. If you’re not clear about your money, how can your business be clear about money? How can you be clear with clients about money? Money flow, cash flow, in a healthy structure is a powerful way to provide service for others that creates solutions. It’s called having your cake and eating it too.


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Dana Stovern is a Spiritual Coach and Soul Advocate specializing
in money mediumship with sensitive and highly sensitive persons.

She can be reached at dana@somaticmoney.com