Freak Flags At Luncheons

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Freak Flags At Luncheons

Freak Flags At A Traditional Women’s Business Luncheon

Dstovern, JunctionLast Tuesday, I was on tap to give a presentation at the MCWN in Grand Junction, Colorado. That’s the Mesa County Women’s Network luncheon for those of you non-Colorado Western Slopers. As far as luncheons go, it was a pretty big deal because Grand Junction is the largest city on this side of the state and the gathering easily numbered sixty women at the local country club.

Yup. To land this one was pretty wonderful. It took me two years of pestering their board until they finally decided that The Magic Of Somatic Money was a good idea for their ladies. When they said, “Yes!” I was so honored to be able to speak there.

Here’s the deal. The wild card. Something shifted in me the morning I woke to drive the ninety minutes from our green valley across the Georgie O’Keefe-like rugged western Mesa-filled landscape. I’m not sure if it was the light ships in the air, filling me with Beam-Me-Up-Scotty light works on the ground, or if it was the powerful astrology that day, or if I was just feeling my oats. Whatever it was, by the time I arrived and had a few lovely networking conversations with several really wonderful women, I knew I was going to do something I’d never ever dared do before.

I knew I was going to fully fly my freak flag for the first time at a traditional, buttoned-down, business women’s networking event in a fairly conservative town.

I knew I was going to cross the line and go full public woo-woo.

Now, mind you, up to this point, I’ve been very aware and very careful about how I present to my audiences. If I’m in front of a business-oriented audience, I tend to lean heavy on the somatics and money and business and very light on the spiritual. I’m conservative about what I share — for my own personal emotional safety AND honoring that I don’t want to tread on other’s belief systems. Then, if I’m in front of a spiritual audience, the filter comes off and we have a spiritual hoe-down with magic and money and somatics that is just so much fun!

For MCWN, I was fully prepared to strap that filter on and keep my woo-woo under wraps. Evidently, the Universe had something else in mind that day.

By the time we’d moved through lunch and sponsors and announcements and the Full Monte of the checklist, I was teeming to spill The Magic Of Somatic Money goods in a hang-ten, let’s-dial-the-Syliva-Brown-psychics, kind of way. Woohoo!

Right? I know. Can you see this one coming? Total Spirit World set up.

Well, I began with my usual traditional opening, and then careened into a segue warning that we were going full woo-woo. The next thing I knew I was full-channel streaming, telling them all about bottom-of-the-barrel-of-life-moments and then healings and light works and Jesus and Spirit Money Guides and Ascended Masters and Divine Light Beings from the heavens who show up and talk with me about spiritual money practices and techniques that work. I took them on a wild ride and then, after those spiritual back flips, landed a perfect ten — squarely on the practical spiritual money practices they return and use at the office.

I did not hold one thing back.

The entire time, the back of my head was yelling, “What are we doing?! This is crazy! They are going to put us in a straight jacket and haul us away! And if they don’t, that lightening bolt from God is going to come through the ceiling and strike us down, you sinner!” Old voices haunted me.

But my authentic self had the reins and wasn’t giving them back. Not one bit.

And you know what the miracle was? In those moments, when I did not know what was going to happen, and I could see on the faces of the ladies I was speaking with that they did not know what was going to happen — something miraculous happened. They tipped forward. They leaned in. These lovely ladies willingly came along with me for the ride. They did. They totally did. I saw tears and we laughed and heads shook and then nodded and people took notes and soaked it all up. They loved that we rocked the mix of the Suze Orman and Teresa Caputo money medium party in that business luncheon room that day.

Sure, there were some unwilling participants. I saw several direct open eye-rolls in business suits. I saw some backs turn. I saw some of my papers crumple between hands. I felt the hard edge of the “This is not okay with God” energy.

Yet, the majority of the room courageously and willingly held vulnerable space with me in those precious moments. And that is something I will always be incredibly grateful for because they all gave me a really big gift.

They taught me about the message that Marianne Williamson so brilliantly illuminates. The one about how we fear our greatness and great light more than our darkness. And how it is not our job to take care of other’s emotions, keeping people comfortable by keeping ourselves small.

I understood as I delivered the presentation that is was NOT my job to keep things emotionally comfortable for the few. It was my job to courageously and vulnerably hold the new, unknown space that could stretch us and grow us and make such wonderful new things possible for all of us.

We made that happen last Tuesday at MCWN. We did a Jupiter soul stretch in a country club luncheon room in the middle of Colorado’s Western Slope mesa country. And it was good.




Carolyn RIngo

June 21, 2017 at 8:09 am

Great story. I had something similar happen years back and it was indeed a wild ride. Similar results as well. I think most of us are tired of buttoned-up. We want raw authenticity, juiciness, messiness, aliveness. Thank you for stepping up to the plate!

    Dana Stovern

    June 21, 2017 at 9:14 am

    THANKS Carolyn! The entire experience really has me feeling how rapidly things truly are changing on the planet and how it’s so important to be “in” that change. Magic – D


June 21, 2017 at 9:51 am

I applaud you in standing ovation!!!

I have been waiting for you to share this gifted and authentic piece of yourself.

I am so proud of you for flying your freak flag. Bravo my dear medicine sister Bravo!

Dana Stovern

June 21, 2017 at 11:40 am