Did I Hiccup?

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Did I Hiccup?

A Money Magic Moment
Did I Hiccup?

Do you know how far apart money issues and spirituality are in our spiritual and consciousness communities? Pretty far apart.

They aren’t like “don’t let the beans and mashed potatoes on my plate mix” far apart. And they aren’t like “oil floating on top of water” far apart. No, they are more like “I would rather die than let myself be seen in the same room” far apart.

Oh, sure. We are fan-frickin-tastic about doing the abundance and prosperity and manifestation dances. We love tood-eling around in the middle of the law of attraction topics. And yes, these concepts and practices help so much, and many times, they work! These are positive active concepts woven through the fabric of the spiritual community.

But the moment m-o-n-e-y gets mentioned in a consciousness circle, if it even comes up at all, a certain vibrational shift occurs that is somewhere between disconnect and a certain tempting magnetic taboo to lean in while pulling away.

Try it some time. Pull out a ten dollar bill in the middle of a spiritual discussion and see what happens.

The money-spirituality rift runs so deep, even when we think we’re talking about money, we’re covering for it with abundance pseudonyms. And when that happens, something hiccups. It’s an unnoticed hiccup. The hiccup we don’t notice is the deflection off of money topics and into the safety zones, which is ultimately disempowering.

How pronounced is this? Pronounced.

It’s so pronounced that when I ask clients to take their presence practice into balancing their monthly budget, they look at me like I’ve grown three heads.

It’s so pronounced that when I approach pre-vetted spiritual centers that I’m referred to speak at, that my mission and their mission matches, that the Money Magic topic is sometimes met with “Oh, we don’t go there because money is a necessary evil. We just deal with money as a separate thing in our organization.”

It’s so pronounced that I sometimes receive emails from clients about a recent money situation they’re going through, suggesting I do a program on that very topic when I’m currently promoting programs that can solve the very issue they want me to write the program about.

In all three of these examples I wonder — did I hiccup? Did people hear me the first time?

No, probably not. And why? Because, no matter how clear I am, the rift between spirituality and money has been so Grand-Canyon-large, for so many lifetimes, that we don’t even think to place the vibration of money and the relationship of money in the same room as the vibration of consciousness and spirituality.

Maybe its time for that to change and change in a way that is constructive, empowering and en-valuing.

Yes, I love abundance. And I love prosperity. And I love how law of attraction works. But there is nothing, I tell you nothing, like the metaphysical vibration of the inside powerful story of how money vibrates with your chakra system. How the information of it informs your soul. Money is energy, it’s spiritual.

So, repeat after me. M-O-N-E-Y in high vibrational spiritual consciousness. It’s a vibration that infuses money with love and peace that drives conscious connections in money transactions . . .

Without hiccups.


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Dana Stovern is a Spiritual Coach and Money Medium who helps sensitives and intuitives solve money issues from the inside out.

She can be reached at dana@somaticmoney.com