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Cut Through Marketing Overwhelm With
3 Non-Traditional Concepts And Tools

If you are anything like me, you probably have more marketing ideas than you have time, energy and money for. Which means that you have to be really good at selecting your best tools to promote your service or product for best affect at the best timing. Sometimes, this process can easily turn you inside-out and make your marketing look more like a tangled pile than a process. Figuring out your best tools and using them for greatest affect really is the Holy Grail in business…

This process can sometimes be frustrating, mind-boggling and overwhelming.

I’ve had these same frustrations, so I know what it’s like and that’s why I want to share three non-traditional concepts and three non-traditional tools I’ve developed that have helped me cut through marketing overwhelm. What I’m about ready to share with you will help you:

  • Select your best tools
  • For your best timing
  • To receive the best leverage
  • On your specific products/launches

Dana Stovern

Dana Stovern – Speaker, Coach & Founder of Somatic Money

To begin, I want to share three non-traditional primary concepts with you to create a foundation of understanding

Three Important Somatic Money Concepts:
How Your Body (Somatics) Affects Your Marketing

I am a Somatic Money Coach (“somatic” means “body”) and I help my clients solve their business and money relationship issues through their body space, from the inside out. The concepts I’ll be sharing with you arrived through over a decade of experience in tens of thousands of session hours with business clients. What I’ve learned through experience, about the holistic business picture, is this:

  1. Your entire body is informing your business, not just the thoughts in your brain. You are a walking antenna of information from your crown chakra above your head, to your Earth chakra beneath your feet, and everything in between. Your entire body of structure and vibration informs and affects your business and money life, including your marketing.
  2. Two primary hemispheres of your somatics (body), define your business and money relationships: I refer to these two aspects as Masculine Money and Feminine Money. You can also view them as left brain and right brain or left hemispheric body and right hemispheric body.
  3. And, the nine planets orbiting around our sun in the solar system deeply impacts your body on a daily basis. This means that how your body responds to the daily movement of these planets also impacts your business.

For Somatic Money concepts, you can explore my website. A good place to begin is here. Our discussion really centers around the last two concepts I mentioned. Let’s take a look.

What Is Masculine Money and Feminine Money?
How Do These Aspects Affect Your Marketing?

Although you might think marketing is all logical and logistical, all nuts and bolts that you figure out and solve in your head — this is only 50% of the picture. There is another 50% to take into account.

What am I talking about? Whether you’re a man or a woman, your body houses both masculine aspects and feminine aspects. How so? Take a look at these masculine and feminine characteristics.

The masculine aspects account for 50% of our business through structure, logic, analytics, rationale, logistics and physical embodiment. The feminine aspects account for the other 50% of our business through emotional intelligence, energetic vibration, gut instinct, psychology, essence and flow. Think of it like this. The masculine aspect of your business is the structural bones of your business. The feminine aspect of your business is what colors your business with flow, color and texture.

If you are overwhelmed with your marketing, or you feel like someone threw a monkey wrench into your marketing plan and you can’t figure it out, chances are that you’re on overload with the masculine logistics in your head and you haven’t given yourself the breathing room to take a balanced look at the emotionally intelligent data that is probably right in front of you – vibrating through your body – that can help you understand your best choices.

One of the best things I’ve learned through my Somatic Money work with clients is that when your Masculine Money aspects are integrated and communicating with your Feminine Money Aspects (especially with increased personal value and personal empowerment), that’s when you can experience some of your best business success.

Now, let’s talk about how planetary actions are interacting with your business.

What’s REALLY Driving Your Marketing Engine?
How The Planets & Your Celestial Houses Impact Your Marketing

What is driving the planetary engine every single day of the week? This is little talked about in the marketplace, yet it has daily and deep impact: it’s the push and pull of the planets in our solar system, rotating with us around the sun, energetically impacting planet Earth and all living things on it. That impact includes you and your marketing. (Everything really is connected).

Astrology is the study of how the planets in our solar system affect us individually given our birth chart (the time, location and date of our birth), especially in relationship to the twelve houses of our celestial zodiac.

I want to be really clear. We’re not talking about kitschy sun-sign fortune-tellish horoscopes here. No. We’re talking about how the deeper and greater dance of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in your twelve celestial houses of the zodiac on any given day of the week can beautifully expand and support your marketing, or fog it over, turn it into something unexpected, or even shut it down.

For instance, these are the planets and a general summation of their energies:

  • The Sun is an amplifier.
  • Mercury is the great communicator, tracker and logistics keeper.
  • Venus is the planet of love, passion and abundance.
  • The Moon is the rhythm keeper.
  • Mars creates action, sometimes arguments and war.

  • Jupiter is the great expander.
  • Saturn is the task master and lesson maker.
  • Uranus is the change agent of structure — sometimes suddenly.
  • Neptune is the great dreamer.
  • Pluto is the planet that brings our shadows to light.

All of these planets vibrate intermittently in the twelve houses of your zodiac, always impacting the waves, timing, color and texture of how you perceptually and emotionally interact with your life — even your marketing. These planets are inscribing their mark upon you from a structural/logical (masculine) and vibratory (feminine) perspective. When you send out your marketing campaigns, the timing, rhythm, places and people are also being affected by these planets on any given day of the week.

This is why you can line up the very exact marketing parameters and send them out at different times and get different results. Remember, business is just as much a vibratory thing (feminine aspect) as it is a logistical and structural thing (masculine aspect).

Astrological Energy Waves

What you need to know from this information is that these planetary energies create energy waves on our planet, affecting our perceptual and emotional filters with certain energetic color and texture. Astrological energies impact our businesses and marketing very similarly to waves upon a shore.

Here’s an example of how this works: Several years into developing my spiritual coaching business in Durango, Colorado (2006), I noticed nuanced trends in my business corresponding to the astrological cycles we were experiencing. At the time, I tended to disregard those trends because I was doing what we were all taught in running an entrepreneurial business – just do it. Set up your business/marketing plan and bulldoze through.

Sometimes that method worked and sometimes it horrendously backfired.

I learned if I pushed against an astrological wave of energy that I should have been flowing with, things probably weren’t going to work out too well for me and my business. I call it, “Knowing when to go for it and knowing when to cocoon.” I also learned that our businesses, especially for the sensitive, intuitive and visionary, are highly reflective and even amplified by planetary energies.

That’s when I really got it and understood that tracking the energies with astrology and my business was an essential part of my business survival. As my knowledge and experience has grown, I’ve tracked this work with my clients’ businesses and we’ve found it to be so effective that it’s worth sharing the knowledge. Knowing energy trends has helped me and my clients select specific marketing vehicles and create marketing plans to run business funnels more effectively. Knowing energy qualities and energy rhythms through astrology has helped me and my clients know when to lean in and lean out with business.

What Are The Three Non-Traditional Tools That Cut Through Marketing Overwhelm?


Now it’s time to share with you the three non-traditional tools to cut through marketing overwhelm.

  1. Astrology – For a picture of how the overall energy is impacting your business.
  2. Business Pendulum Checks – To specifically track energetic waves and select marketing vehicles.
  3. Intuitive Business Energy Readings / Money Mediumship – To receive the inside beta about your business that you didn’t even know.


Astrology & Marketing

For a picture of how the overall energy is impacting your marketing.

Given what I already described to you about astrology’s affect on our businesses, it’s the obvious first choice as a non-traditional tool to help you cut through marketing overwhelm. How?

Track your personal chart for your annual astrology and monthly astrology. A professional astrologer can set you up with your personal chart. They are going to give you your overall energy picture and themes for your year. That’s going to help you know what kind of year you have in store and the themes and timing you really need to know for:

  • Sustaining your business in stability or being ready for fast change.
  • Networking, communicating, traveling or cocooning.
  • Up-leveling, moving or staying put.
  • Making structural changes.
  • Rebranding.
  • Investing or divesting.

  • Business expansion or contraction.
  • Settling old situations or creating afresh.
  • Dreaming or being practical.
  • Taking action or not.  And knowing when to refrain from arguing.
  • Learning from deep lessons and the times to freely let go.
  • Gratefully gifting to others and the times to take care of yourself.

This specific chart work will let you know how certain times of the year will color and texture your perceptions and emotions — which will impact how you interact with your business. This alone can help you up level and transform your marketing.

Know the general astrology configurations for each month. If you don’t do chart work with an astrologer, it still is important to know, in general, the primary astrological configurations for each month. I keep track of this for myself and my clients in general — allowing for variations in the charting given that each person has different primary signs and houses. But overall, we’re all affected by big energy swings from the planets during certain windows of time. This knowledge can help you anticipate energy windows.


Business Pendulum Checks

To specifically track energetic waves and select marketing vehicles.

This is where the tracking work really begins to get fun. This is where we put together the structure of your marketing logistics in tandem with tracking the energy waves of astrology through working with a pendulum. Here’s how it works.

A pendulum is a great way to connect your marketing logistics (masculine) with the unknowns of the vibratory intelligence (feminine) of your marketing, to give you a full picture of your options, without you having to work too hard or guess too much.

Yes, working with pendulums is part science, part art. What you need to know is that the energy field of our bodies is electromagnetic. This electromagnetism creates polarities. These polarities shift depending upon how we’re feeling about something. If you’ve ever seen an auric photo showing the rainbow imaging of a person’s energy field, you know what I’m talking about. This energy field fluctuates depending upon how a person is feeling at any given time of the day for any given situation.

Pendulums are divination tools that pick up on these energetic fluctuations of polarities through our bodies in relationship with astrology that can give us “yes” and “no” answers about the questions we have in our lives. Pretty powerful.

What I’ve learned through three years of testing my pendulum, with astrology energies, with calendars and with marketing, is that pendulums can pick up on the energy waves (astrology), for any given day of the week, on any given marketing vehicle for any given marketing project or product that we’re working on. While an astrologer will not be able to tell you which marketing vehicle to use on a marketing project at a specific window of time — a pendulum check will.

So, let’s say you have:

  • A product or service that you want to market.
  • You might have one or more business funnels you can use.
  • And you have multiple marketing vehicles to deliver your product or service.
  • And you have multiple options on timing.

Using a pendulum to check the “yes” and “no” energy waves with the product, with the business funnel, with each marketing vehicle on the calendar will begin to show you an energy landscape of your best marketing vehicles for best timing given where energy waves are low (sit out) and where they are high (to promote). That’s exciting.


Intuitive Business Energy Readings / Money Mediumship

To receive the inside beta about your business that you didn’t even know.

Dana Stovern

Dana Stovern – Speaker, Coach & Founder of Somatic Money

Sometimes, you get so close to your business that you can’t see your own forest for your own trees – and this is part of what creates those knots in your marketing. Sometimes, having a second set of fresh eyes can really make a difference, like business coaches and coaching programs. Yet, most coaches and programs are still going to focus primarily on the masculine (logistical) side of your business, without giving the feminine side of your business (emotional intelligence) room to breathe.

And guess what? The main place money, business and marketing issues collect is where you’re deciding about the structure or have the structure set up, but you have shut out taking a look at how the emotional intelligence of that structure, or the vibrational essence of that structure is resonating. Remember, this is about letting the masculine and feminine in your business work together.

So, have you ever considered allowing business logic (masculine) to bump up against business intuition/business emotional intelligence (feminine) to give yourself the fuller picture of your business scope? It might be time…

The heart of the service that I provide for my clientele is something I call business mediumship or money mediumship. I am literally gifted at tuning in to a client’s energy field with their business, and tuning in with a client’s vibrational business team, and hearing and seeing the money, marketing or business answers that clients don’t even know they are looking for – that ultimately provides the solutions they need.

Are These Concepts And Tools Compelling?
Let’s Answer Your Questions!

If you like what you’ve learned about how these three non-traditional concepts and three non-traditional tools can beneficially impact your business, I invite you to book a complimentary Somatic Money Conversation with me by using the form below.

We’ll visit for 20 to 40 minutes about what you feel is not working in your marketing and your business – answering your questions. I’ll share three key insights with you about how I can help. And if we find that we’re a match, I’ll offer you a Custom Business Energy Session package to create solutions for you that will include the non-traditional concepts and tools outlined here.

I promise you, it will be one of the most unique and compelling business conversations you’ve had in a while. I look forward to visiting!

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What Is The Magic Of Somatic Money? Who Is Dana?

The Magic Of Somatic Money is a mission driven, socially innovative experience designed to give participants a powerfully intimate, body-based and balanced connection with their money relationship.

Dana Stovern, speaker, coach and founder of The Magic Of Somatic Money, has successfully assisted numerous business owners with her somatic money method. Take a look at these top results:

  • A Denver, Colorado retail store owner grossing 1.75 million in annual business pooled equity for the first time (instead of always pushing the red), preparing her for business expansions in 2018.
  • An Albuquerque, New Mexico contractor launched his dream construction business, keeping his jobs in the black and grossing $200,000 in less than his first year.
  • An Interior Designer in Sedona, Arizona stabilized a $350,000 project that was at risk, bringing the project to fruition peacefully and successfully.
  • A Fort Collins, Colorado veterinarian with a full-service vet clinic improved business cash flow while creating better financial boundaries with financially dead-beat family members.
  • A premier ski competitor and top ski instructor in Aspen, Colorado leveraged better autonomy for teaching in a highly competitive industry.

These are among the few success stories that Stovern, a naturally gifted intuitive, brings to this innovative body-based money relationship coaching program that is positively transformational for business owners, their employees and career professionals.

The foundation of Stovern’s intuitive life coaching practice since 2006 was a natural fit to implement this cutting edge money relationship work. The somatic money focus arrived in Stovern’s life after a near-death experience and the tragic loss of her son during pregnancy. Her unraveled life triggered a spontaneous financial intervention in the Autumn of 2011 illuminating and delivering money insights, experiences and tools that she successfully implemented for herself; giving her an emotional, physical and financial recovery.

Stovern launched The Magic Of Somatic Money when she spontaneously shared her experiences and tools with several clients in financial crisis. They implemented her work, garnering bold and beneficial results, proving to Stovern that the process could be duplicated. The Magic Of Somatic Money was born with this spark of positive universal application.

Stovern now combines body-based awareness with money relationship for deeply reflective experiences, giving individuals a fresh look at their financial picture.


Client Reviews

Here’s what clients are saying about Dana’s work:



Greg S., Professional Contractor in Albuquerque, New Mexico

From $0 Cash Flow To $200,00 Annual Cash Flow

Before working with Dana, I was in a rut with business and life. I had everything I needed to get my company going: a business plan, start up money and time, but nothing was happening. I was super depressed and lost. I needed shift. When I found Dana, I knew it was a good match and I knew she had what it takes to get things going.  

Our first phone call was phenomenal — the insights she gave ignited me. The conversation literally set me free so that I had the energy and mindset to get things moving.  My depression and aggravation disappeared while I got happy and excited about what I was creating! 

With the exercises she gave me to practice, I felt more and more present in my body. I finally wanted to do something instead of walk around, numbed out, thinking to myself, “Why bother?”  I felt a sense of connection for the first time in a long time.

As we continued the sessions and follow ups, my hangups disappeared while a greater understanding about myself and my surroundings returned.

Now, as I sit in my home office and type this, I feel great and I have a deep respect for Dana.  She has really helped my get here.  I look over at my white board and I see all of the jobs I have.  Over the past two months, I have contracts and agreements with people that will push $200,000.00 worth of revenue through my business!  My goal is to push $500,000 of revenue through the company and it looks like I am well on my way.  I am on fire! 

Thank you so much, Dana!




Dr. Miluna Fausch, HHCP, PhD
Executive Voice Presence Coach!

Improved Money Relationship, Home Ownership Change

Dana is a RockStar! Over the years, I have consistently hired coaches. I made a lot of these coaches more wealthy, but most seemed to have a one-size-fits-all approach and many did not deliver on their program promises.

Dana is different. Really different.

We have uncovered and healed my old soul money contracts, my blocks, and she has helped me negotiate several things beautifully both for my business and personally – selling my home and finding a new home in my new location. Her work has been so supportive that after finishing her six-month program, I am going back for more!

Thank you Dana for truly helping change the very landscape of money in the world and helping conscious, caring people thrive and make great money!



Temani, Attorney, Phoenix, Arizona

Do You Believe in Magic?

Before working with Dana, I would have answered this question, tentatively. I would characterize my thinking as “hope that magic is real and possible,” without actually believing it exists and works in our lives. Especially, in terms of money.

As a coach, Dana helped me unravel some lifelong patterns that were holding me back. I had been aware of these things, but my awareness was not deep enough for me to take effective action. Since then, I have revolutionized my relationship with money and this has brought power and light to many other aspects of my life. The key was learning how to consciously tap into source, recognizing it inside of myself and developing a trust-based relationship with source.

I have learned that money is deeper and broader than the limited, fearful concept at the core of my family and cultural conditioning. For me, this money coaching experience is a vital element on the path of discovering money’s vast potential for healing and creativity. That is magic! And I highly recommend it to anyone who feels called to heal and serve.



Jennifer S., Finance Manager for a Waste Water Firm, Renton, WA

20% Income Increase, Dissolving Fear, Debt Reduction:

I was totally bound up in fear and old beliefs when I began working with Dana. I felt unconfident in myself and unable to believe in my value. This made my relationship with my money constricted and lacking (actually, all my relations were like this). Right away, Dana was able to see clearly what was truly working in my life, keeping me bound in fear, old soul contracts and a complete lack of self-worth. Over the months, depending on my life space at each appointment,

Dana and I worked with my somatic space, creating personal shifts and strategies. We cleared the debris that bound me in fear, helping my authenticity shine through. My time with Dana has changed my life.

As a result of our work together, I am now able see myself with value. I’ve generated greater financial wealth with a professional pay raise of 20 percent, a personal credit rating increase and elimination of a $5,000 medical bill. Additionally, I’m creating healthier, more supportive relationships. I am eternally grateful for Dana’s presence in my life!



Karen Marie Jones Meadows,
Playwright, Producer, Actor, Educator

Income Increase With Financial & Life Confidence

Dana gets to the core of issues — mentally, emotionally, and physically — and doesn’t allow you to coast or let go until awareness and proper courses of action are understood and activated. Her intuitive insight and ability to convey messages that show how personal various beliefs and habits can undercut personal efforts is one of the greatest gifts she shares. Before I worked with Dana, I felt I was usually flying without a net and hoping to avoid crash landings.

Now I’m soaring over the biggest net ever, me! My income increased substantially, and equally important I feel and act in charge of my financial life. If I have an occasional “critic, torturer, or other oops” trying to come into my psyche, I have tools to immediately stop the fake blockages and stay on track creating my highest well being, which turns out great for others as well. I’m continuing to work with Dana. It’s like having a divine CFO in my corner, and I sure do like that!



Elizabeth, Real Estate Project Manager, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

$20K Increased Income, Debt Reduction, Anchoring Career

The work Dana and I did together is hands down the most powerful experience of my life. I had no idea what I was in for… we went to some of the darkest places in my soul and restored my value, my power and my light.

What shifted for me emotionally also reflected in my external world. I healed a deep wound with my brother and engaged in a healthy relationship with him for the first time in twenty-eight years. I shifted a $5,000 debt, releasing it. Through this work, I increased my earnings by over $20,000 in an authentic, grounded way. I have had the most real and vulnerable conversations with my family and with my friends. Holding space for their healing as well as my own.

One of my biggest take aways from Dana is that my healing is not contingent on anyone’s else’s ability to heal, understand or forgive. Honoring this has allowed me to move mountains inside of me and be the creator of my life, holistically. Dana holds such powerful, safe space for guided awareness and transformation. I am truly grateful for the work I have done with her.



L'Heureux, Andrea

Andrea, Counselor, Fort Morgan, Colorado

Breaking a $50,000 Glass Ceiling, Negotiating Career Path:
When I first met Dana, I was in the midst of navigating many changes in my life. I had just lost my job, was nursing my husband back to health from a horrible infection, and beginning a new career that really challenged my comfort zone. It was all I could do to keep it together some days. Somehow, in the midst of all of the chaos, I knew I had to change my perception of money and find the courage to follow my true path. I wasn’t happy in my career and I wasn’t happy with my earnings. My salary always seemed to plateau just below $50,000.

I worked with Dana on my deeply embedded money story, and opportunities in the direction of my ideal career started appearing. What was really amazing to me is that, in spite of my mid-year career change (which can really impact one’s earnings) and taking a $350 per month pay cut, I made over $50,000!

I really believe that the work we did to heal my personal money story allowed me to open up to the possibilities and abundance that was right in front of me! The freedom I feel is beyond words!


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FTC Disclosure: Any income claims shared by my students, friends or clients are understood to be true and accurate, but are not verified in any way. Always do your own due diligence and use your own judgment when making buying decisions and investments in your business and personal life. Disclaimer: Concepts and strategies shared in this and any email communication from Dana Stovern Coaching are ideas that have worked for members of our team, students, clients and friends. They are not specific advice for your business. Always use your own judgement and/or get the advice of professionals to find the right strategies for your business and your particular situations. Dana Stovern is not a financial advisor, financial planner or certified accountant and does not give financial advice. Instead, this work is for receiving greater experience and knowledge and transformation concerning the inner workings of your relationship with your energy field, body, spiritual money relationship and life! How you apply this work is up to you. Specific results are not guaranteed.