Are You Allergic To Money?

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Are You Allergic To Money?

A Money Magic Moment

Are You Allergic To Money?
Dissolving Your Polarized Money Relationship For Better Money Health

The Money Stage.
My husband, Bob, and I live just outside a little village in Colorado called Paonia. During my three years here, as Money Magic has more fully developed, I’ve observed this valley’s eclectic socio-economic culture. We have a devoutly conservative coal mining and ranching community, along with a richly organic farming and orchard community. We also have, woven through the community fabric, diversely intelligent, independently liberal, stubbornly renegade creatives and entrepreneurs who are deeply committed to the betterment of community and world.

Yes, it makes for a dramatically polarized Facebook message board that now has three times the membership than the population of the town. We are an entertaining lot — especially when the marijuana vote regularly surfaces.

It’s been a great place to observe community money habits.

By and large, I’ve found that the socio-economic climate here is abrasively challenged with money. There’s a lot (and I mean a lot) of talk about needing and wanting money here, while there is a deeply ingrained non-verbalized sense of not wanting to be seen consorting or colluding with money. It doesn’t help that we live in the second poorest county in the state while one of the wealthiest communities in the world (Aspen, Colorado) thrives on the other side of the mountain range. It is a study in extremes.

Just last week, I was able to put my finger on it when I was in downtown Paonia (one street) at one of the newly opened retail spaces (thank God), visiting with some of the ladies there. We were visiting about this very money conundrum when the words blurted out of me, “You know, people here are just so allergic to money!” I got nods and laughs from this comment because it’s true!

But shhhh! Don’t say that too loud here. You might get in trouble with the secret money no-no police.

Money Allergies.
So, what is a money allergy?

A money allergy works like this: “Service to community good. Money bad.” With the silent inference that money is still needed and will just somehow fall out of the sky to make things work.

A money allergy is the habit of blocking money because consciously or sub-consciously you’ve attached a negative or destructive belief about money, yet you experience needing to relate and function with money because we live in a capitalistic society.

Here are a couple of other examples:

Just a year ago, a director of one of the primary spiritual centers in Boulder, Colorado, one of the most liberal and affluent communities in the state, blurted this out to me: “Oh, we don’t consort with money. It’s just something we have to deal with (on the side). We’re focused only on the soul purpose of good spiritual work.”

I regularly hear this from consultees: “I really don’t manage my money or look at my bank balance, but I spend a lot of time in meditation, working on attracting abundance.”

Or, “I work really hard at the structure of my business in hopes money will develop, but I really don’t look at my books.”

Or “I really want to create this amazing business so that I can serve people, but money is just one of those things that makes me feel icky.”

Notice the disconnects?

These money allergies clearly show compartmentalizing spirituality and the good of community in one space and business and money in another space. It’s the push-pull separating what is being built as “a service to community as a good thing” but since money is considered to be a bad thing “money cannot be present.” Yet the unspoken elephant in the room is that money is still needed to make things functional.

Another way to verbalize the silent question hanging in the air is this: “How can we let money come in to help us with good things when money is attached to so much that is bad?” And that’s an honest question because we have more than enough examples of how money is negatively used to manipulate unhealthy agendas on our planet.

It’s a complex money puzzle that is frequently reduced to good and bad labels because, yes, it is easy to become powerless with your personal money when you see large money sums being used so destructively. But who said you were powerless? You have the power to chose and make change in your personal money life.

So, may I share a way through this booby-trap? It’s simple, yet powerful . . . .

Drop the good/bad money labels
and creatively re-label your money framework.

The bio-physical root of our money labels.
The obvious re-labeling here is recognizing that money can be framed as a constructive resource that can provide good in our lives. Why not begin to see the GOOD that money can do for the GOOD of community. Why do we so frequently fall into the polarized bad/good trap?

That, my friends, is the root of this conundrum, and believe it or not, it’s bio-physically anchored in our bodies.

The polarized “money bad/community service good” is the epitome of the yin/yang spin, the bio-physical landscape of our polarized somatic hemispheres.

We are naturally created in the space of our left and right hemispheres. Left brain and right brain. Left body and right body. Positive and negative ions. Masculine and feminine. This is the natural polarization of our light fields. The Cabalistic Tree Of Life depicting the Flower of Life light architecture supporting our DNA code even notates the Hod (Masculine) and the Netzach (Feminine) in this polarization. That’s big. That’s deep.

We are hardwired to frame our experiences in this light/dark way, and given that money, being the reflective element of water, connected to the second chakra, is going to totally mimic our spiritual perceptual frame-making filters of money.

If you want to take it a metaphysical step further, know this:

In working with hundreds of clients, I’ve psychically read the karmic money soul contracts down through the ages of past lifetimes that the “spirituality good/money bad” dynamic dates back to Biblical times when we swore off the “evil” of money to be “closer to the goodness of God.” It’s commonly referred to as the chastity and poverty contracts that keep individuals cloaked in the dis-empowered humbleness (sometimes crucifixion) of poverty with their gifts. And this is anchored in the dualistic polarity of our light somatics.

So, if you are in a tug-of-war with your money in good and bad labels, you’re right in the heart of experiencing your own polarized money spin — both from this lifetime and potentially others.

Freeing Yourself From Polarized Money.
When you are in this booby-trapped polarization of money allergies, of the dualistic spin of your biological hemispheres, you are allowing your positive and negative polarizations of your hemispheres to assign values to money and what it relates to — maybe even without you knowing. And you’re letting it drive your money engine.

Do you want that?

You have the choice of breaking out of this two-choiced imprisoned money hell, into the fantastic multiple-choice financial answers of multi-dimensionality.

How do you do it? Drop your attachments to your current money labels and get creative in assigning money and what it relates to with new and creative values OUTSIDE the polarized money box of good/bad.

When you do this, you’re breaking code with possibly thousands of years of destructive money habits that have kept you in lock-step with your shortcomings and lack, not your super-powered flow of creative potential.

Think about it. If you are calling the credit card companies those, “F-ing credit card companies” connected with your super-charged debt that are “blocking your ability to do any good in the world,” you’re just adding to that burden. Maybe begin to call them “The benevolent angels of credit light who creatively gift you great breaks and rates and ways through.” Script the change.

Sure, that might be a stretch at first, but when you re-label and reframe your money experience out of the good and evil polarized frame-work, you have just given yourself a spiritual jailbreak.

Remember, spirituality and money, when it vibrationally and physically comes down to it, are not separate. They are woven through one another. So separating God/spirituality from money/business is an effort in futility because money is spiritual and how we define our spirituality – including how we define our spirituality with money – defines how we relate with money.

So, if you are trying to keep money separate from the good stuff, doesn’t that mean you are sending a message to yourself that you’re trying to separate financial support and flow and value and power from the wonderful things that you are creating in your life? That makes life so much more difficult.

Give yourself and your money a break from your financial hay fever season. Dissolve those old labels and celebrate the colorful and fantastical new frameworks you can create! You’re going to surprise yourself out of more than a few of your money allergy booby-traps.


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Dana Stovern, money medium, helps business-oriented initiatives
and sensitives solve money issues from the inside out.

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