About Over-Giving & Under-Empowerment

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About Over-Giving & Under-Empowerment

About Over-Giving & Under-Empowerment
How balanced giving honors ourselves, others and our wallets.

I love to give.

I know many people who love to give. Altruism lifts the heart.

Our human condition is regularly hard-wired for giving. It’s in our psyches. Giving helps us feel good and it helps others. Giving is a communion of the deepest spiritual intent and human spirit that honors the flow in life, honors the beat of our souls. Give – receive. Receive – give.

Is it possible to consider not giving? That’s like pulling the needle across the proverbial record, isn’t it? Yet, that’s exactly what a Light Being asked about in the middle of one of my consultations last November. Since that unique message, Spirit World has encouraged me to re-share this anonymous story about the message of giving. Every time, it hits a nerve and usually one or more persons says to me at my group speaks, “Dana, I swear I thought you were talking to me.”

In the nature of our hard-wiring of giving, we hardly stop to question the giving dynamic. To question “giving” is utterly . . . wrong? Between culture, the giving environment in our spiritual communities and our nature, who questions giving? Which makes this story that much more interesting.

I was intuitively moving through a phone consultation last November with a woman from over the mountain, checking my Money Story Inventory list with her, when Spirit World unapologetically elbowed their way into the consultation. They strongly requested that I ask her how she expressed with her money. She knew exactly what Spirit World was talking about and said, “Well, I frequently give really nice gifts to my friends and family and others. It’s just something I do.”

By the time she finished her thoughts, an Ascended Master was standing so solidly and directly in front of me I felt like I could make out his outline in physical space. He said, in no uncertain terms, “Please tell her to begin giving to herself in like kind and like value whenever she gives to someone else.” The message was so direct and so blunt I paused for some cushion room.

I explained to my consultee that a very bold and blunt being was delivering a bold and blunt message. Was she ready? She said she was. I gave her the message that Spirit World was requesting that when she gives to others, to be sure to give to herself in like kind and like value. There was a very long pause on the other end of the telephone after I delivered the message.

The long pause was followed by this. She said, “Well, that completely changes how I think about giving.” As we visited about the message, we noted that Spirit World was not telling her to stop giving, but to count herself into the equation of her giving.

After the phone call, I continued with deep reflection noticing how this singular message could completely re-arrange the structure of giving. Spirit World was not say to stop giving. On the contrary, it seemed Spirit World was encouraging empowered giving. How so?

The practice of counting ourselves into the equations of our giving sheds light on balanced giving — the difference between empowered giving and dis-empowered giving. This message illuminates the giving dynamic and process; becoming aware of our potential over-giving and our sustainable giving, creating empowerment in the giving act.

Dis-empowered giving (give give give give with no support) creates less empowered, out-of-balance, ungrounded, battery-draining situations. The people who receive might not even be aware of the giving or appreciate it. They might be taking advantage of the give. When we over-give we create a dynamic that drains our energy, our emotion, our physical, even our wallets. Over-giving creates dis-empowerment, eroding the ground beneath our feet.

Empowered giving honors and respects both the giver and the recipient. There is balance, groundedness, acknowledged meaning, wholeness, breath. It’s a space that recognizes both parties in a way that brings more power, more value, more respect, more honor than there might have been before. There is a sense of sustainable flow.

These are two distinct vibrational differences and consciousnesses of giving. And Spirit World seemed to be indicating that the balance happens in the space where both parties are counted with value in the equation.

Before my conversation was over with my consultee, we realized that Spirit World was saying to her, “You are just as valuable as the people you are giving to. Give yourself that value and credit too. Count yourself into the equation.” By the time we completed our conversation, my consultee was excited to try this new paradigm in her life — the illuminated question of the value of her presence in the giving equation.

Try it. Try out your balanced, illuminated, giving that places your own value directly into the equation of the giving — give to yourself as much as you give to others. Try it and let me know what happens!


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Dana Stovern is a Spiritual Coach and Money Medium who helps sensitives and intuitives solve money issues from the inside out.

She can be reached at dana@somaticmoney.com






March 10, 2015 at 11:25 am

This is one of my favorite posts Dana, thanks for the timely message!


    Dana Stovern

    March 10, 2015 at 11:59 am

    Glad you love it Levi! You’re welcome!