The Story

The Story

“How Did I Become The Founder Of An Innovative Inter-Personal Money Relationship Method?

Dana Stovern,
Somatic Money Founder & Coach

Accident. Necessity through accident . . . 

. . . carefully designed by the Universe. You know how it works. That thing about  life happening while you’re making other plans. 

So no, this was not something I set out to do. This crept up on me for decades. A lifetime. Everything aligned specifically for me to marry inter-personal money relationship with somatic (body) themes into what you see today as The Magic of Somatic Money.

Sounds simple, right? In many respects, the fundamentals in The Magic of Somatic Money are simple.  They are simple, direct and profound.  Yet, traveling from the inception of this work, through the depths of alchemy and distillation, to create The Magic Of Somatic Money has been its own wild, circuitous ride.

Here’s the story:

The fortune of The Magic Of Somatic Money began from a place of deep misfortune. Deep trauma. Deep fear. It’s a place I hope never to have to trek again. Yet, this most unfortunate place birthed an experience and then concepts and then tools that are the gifts I’ve successfully financially used and so have many others.

It all began when I lost my son.

It was the spring of 2010 in Durango, Colorado and I was six month’s pregnant with my son. My husband rushed me to the hospital when a rapid and undiagnosed onset of severe pre-eclampsia, spiking my blood pressure at 275 over 175,  creating seizures, threatened my life and our son’s life. After an emergency c-section, I was sustained on life support for 36 hours while the hospital team tried to resuscitate my son. His heart did not hold the precious beats of life and the Flight For Life helicopter from Denver, Colorado that had been called, and was en-route, was sent home.

When I miraculously returned to consciousness from my near-death, I found myself alive and facing my son’s funeral. Our chance at having our own family was gone.

In the wake of the shock, the numbness, the loss, I thought things could not get worse. But my life continued to unravel for the next eighteen months. By the Autumn of 2011, I was completely physically broken, emotionally broken and financially broken. My life coaching practice was limping along and I was barely making it.

I was literally rolling-dimes-for-gas broke.

That’s when my close friend, Mary Alyce, invited me to stay at the hotel where she was attending a water yoga class at the Pagosa Springs, Colorado hot springs. It is a heaven of a place. She intuitively knew I was having difficulties, she just didn’t know how bad it was. Somehow, she knew to put the invitation out there for me. Honestly, I almost didn’t go, even though I said,”Yes.” During the drive from Durango, Colorado to Pagosa Springs, Colorado, I experienced a panic attack and nearly turned around. Yet, something didn’t let me and I drove on.

I arrived at the hotel, slung my bag over my shoulder, retrieved a key from the front desk, and located the room. Even though Mary Alyce was at water yoga, her skill at creating sacred space was incredibly present. When I opened the door, I found that she’d transformed the room from a regular hotel room into a spacious sanctuary with candles, crystals, aromatherapy and figurines sprinkled through the room.

I felt myself relax for the first time in a very long time. I felt my entire body, my entire psyche surrender and I collapsed on one of the beds and cried and cried. I had been fighting to stay alive and be okay ever since our loss. I had fought to be okay and keep it together in front of our circle of community. I had fought to keep my business going for cash flow to contribute to our household income. I had fought to keep a good face so my husband wouldn’t worry about me. I had fought to recover enough, so that just months after the loss, I strapped on my backpack to prove I was healthy enough and alive: we trail climbed to eleven thousand feet above Silverton, Colorado in the Mary’s Lake Region in the mountains where we love to camp. I had been fighting because I was just so terrified — I was fighting and keeping the good fight going every single day.

That good fight really wasn’t working. Some part of me knew that and really knew it the moment I stepped into that hotel room, where I finally let my guard down and completely and totally surrendered.

Somewhere, in the quiet of the hotel room, after the surrender and after the storm of crying subsided, I felt a glowing light growing stronger at the side of my bed. Gradually, this glowing light became so strong that I felt it through my body. What I did not know then, but I know now, is that I was at the threshold of a massive turning point in my life. This turning-point experience is what I now call my Spontaneous Financial Intervention.

When I intuitively tuned in to the glow that I felt near my bedside, that was now flowing through my body, I was astonished to find how strong it was. How powerful the light felt. Even though I’m intuitive and familiar with energies, I’d never experienced a light so strong, so profound. This light filled the room with a deluge of lighted energy and love, effusively filling me with a glowing experience throughout my body that felt very calming and healing.

This light and healing experience lifted my spirits like I hadn’t been lifted in a very long time. I know now that I was given a deep healing — I literally felt, through my body, energies within me being rearranged in a good way. When this light and glow eventually dissipated and I became more aware of the hotel room again, fully present and intact and conscious, I felt more whole, more full, more calm and better than I had in a very very long time.

There I was. All by myself in that hotel room, wondering what had just happened and what I was going to do. I thought that was it. The light event was over. It was not.

That’s when I heard a disembodied voice tell me, “Call in your Money Guide now!” The sound resonated profoundly in the empty space. It was such a surprising command, resonating from a dis-embodied male voice. Booming. Loud. Extraordinary. 

I froze for a moment. Shocked. First, I registered how clearly and loudly I heard this voice and wondered who was saying the words. My next reaction was nearly comical, asking, “I have a what?! A Money Guide?!” My last reaction was incredulous permission in that, “I’m allowed to do that?! To call him in?” I heard the voice again, respond with the same command: “Call in your Money Guide NOW!” So, I decided to follow the instructions — to call in my Money Guide.

I gathered myself on my bed, crossed my legs, placing my hands, palms upraised on my knees to receive, breathed several times and with all the will in my body, I boomed out the request of “I call in my Money Guide now!”

I waited and waited, and my Money Guide did not appear. No flicker. Not a speck. Nothing.

This was baffling to me, because I am very used to having different energies appear when I call and ask for help. So, when my Money Guide did not appear, not only was I disappointed, I thought, “Wow, if I was instructed to call in my Money Guide and he didn’t appear, I must really be screwed. No wonder I’m having such a hard time with my money.” And I understood instantly why I’d had such a challenging time, especially financially. How could I do well with my money if I didn’t have support and guidance?

The question, though, when I boomed the call of my Money Guide, seemed to trigger something else, something very deep. Something was blocking my Money Guide from showing up, and me asking for him triggered something to shift, to move.

That movement manifested into a swift and powerful energy vortex opening to my right side and before I knew it, I (the energy part of me) was connected into the vortex into three consecutive, deeply powerful journeys. I experienced a version of a Charles Dicken’s”Christmas Carol,” where I moved through some of my past, core, root lives. I was shown the horrific conditions under which I’d practiced my gifts. There was torture. There was threat of death. There was little to no pay for voluminous work. There were hostage situations. I was shocked about the root of my past lifetime money story yet . . . 

I finally understood why I constantly felt like I was “in the fight of my life” and “practicing my gift under the threat of death” while running my life coaching business . . . because energetically, I was. Those codes and programs from those many lifetimes ago were still alive in the here and now in my body. In some respects, the more I practiced my gift professionally, the more I triggered those life-threatening, enslaved situations.

Try as I might, I had not been able to financially breakthrough in this lifetime because I was shackled to those energies, socio-economic slavery and torture of those past lifetimes. No wonder money left me in sheer panic with no breath. No wonder I felt completely unarmed and helpless. No wonder I felt someone was going to kill me financially. No wonder the routine shock of frustration gave way to collapsing any sense of support I might feel, rolling into endless misery. Those contracts from those lifetimes were literally bleeding through into this one and I was living them, day in and day out.

I saw this paradigm so clearly and so repeatedly that something shifted in me. I saw the connection and I knew the abyss I felt myself drowning in was not just this lifetime. A weight shifted. When I was energetically asked me, “Do you want to change this?” I said, “Yes! Absolutely!” but I still wondered if that was even possible because it all felt so entrenched in my body, my psyche – so real.

Gradually, through the experience of these journeys, I was shown the scenes, feeling like I was having an out-of-body experience, floating above a lifetime, witnessing. I was asked if I wanted to change the code, the story, from each of those lifetimes in relationship to this lifetime. When I felt my body and psyche shift in the affirmative of “yes” for change, I was shown energy steps that I could take. Unique steps. Dynamic steps. Each step intimately connected with the details of the lifetime and the code. I was gradually and deeply shown how to rewrite the contracts and agreements of those lifetimes that were affecting me in the here and now.

After the third journey, a quiet settled in me and I was requested, again, to hail my Money Guide. This time, instead of the request being met with silence and then a swirling jerk into another journey, the request ruffled the energies in the air around me in a new way. Wonderfully. Unfolding in magic, the energy of my Money Guide materialized in midair in front of me. So calm. So clear.

He arrived, showing himself to me as a middle-aged, accountant from the 1940’s, dressed in a complete three-piece tweed suit with vest, tie and round spectacles. He pulled a pocket watch from his breast pocket, revealing the chain across his front. There was also a sense of  hand written ledgers and an abacus, hanging in the air with him. Without a shadow of a doubt, I knew, for sure, this being was, and still is, my Money Guide. His first appearance to me was perfect. Calm. Grounded. Methodical. Kind. And gentle about the numbers and the money.

It was the first time in my life I did not feel intimidated by my money, my numbers. I felt like I was forgiven for any inadequacies I might have in relationship with finances, because, for the first, time, I had an ally. Someone who understood me before I had to understand my own money. What a relief.

From that day forward, this Spiritual Financial Intervention ignited my daily practice of  communing with my Spirit Money Guide about all things numbers, all things money in relationship with my life, my energy field and my body. What has gradually emerged is how deeply the experience and vibration of the numbers and money vibrate as a profound reflection in our lives.

While much of the world lives in a  survivalist tug-of-war of either demonizing the object of money, yet still scrambling to need it OR deifying money in the journey to claim it, money, it turns out, is neither of these. Money and money relationship is so much more. Money relationship is one, deep, dynamic, incredibly reflective pool of our lives. When you can release the dualistic demonization and deification of money and arrive in the reflective pool of what money has to show us about ourselves, money, it turns out, is an incredible tool. A healing tool. A reflective tool giving us self-aware, self-adjustment information with a self-healing vibration.

Since my Spiritual Financial Intervention that day in the Autumn of 2011, much has transpired. I’ve gradually increased my income, shattering one glass ceiling after another with $8,000 to $12,000 annual income increases. The money tools I was given, I gradually began to share with clients who were in deep need, first in secret and then publicly — and we surprisingly found that the tools and practices work! My clients began having their own financial successes and life improvements. This confirmed to me that my experience was not singular and the work has universal appeal. As I continued to research somatic money work with clients and remaster the work, I eventually relaunched with this very focused version of The Magic Of Somatic Money in the summer of 2016.

Yes, this is profound work that is positively changing my life and other’s lives. Every single day I’m excited to learn what new leaf we get to unfold in the somatic money realm. I love my job. I love the people I get to work with. And I love the changes I’m helping to create.

Doing this leading-edge money work with you is about breaking the old money paradigm and blowing fresh financial insight into a world sorely in need of a refreshing view point. It’s exhilarating. It’s inspiring. It’s what I came to do.

Welcome to The Magic Of Somatic Money!

Dana Stovern
Paonia, Colorado
April 2017