Global $ Vision

Global Money Vision

Through The Filter Of The Magic Of Somatic Money


One of the most pervasive money beliefs held around the world is “Money is bad, or money is a necessary evil.” The strength of this belief is totally understandable given the waves of money we see delivered into wars, harmful governments, toxic environmental corporate decisions and manipulative political acts.

Yet, money is neither good nor bad. Money is nothing more or less than the energy and experiences we bring to it. Money is merely a vehicle, a vessel. We make money what it is.

So, to create planetary change in light of money, we don’t have to head up the IMF or the Federal Reserve or be a leader making policy changes in important offices. No. We have the power from where we are right now and what we’re doing in any given moment. We have the power to make a global impact with money right from our living rooms. Right from our working spaces. Right at the checkout lane in the grocery store.

How? Each of us has the daily opportunity to raise the vibrational value of money, both in what we do with our money and how we treat our money. This is about constructive, positive money receiving and releasing (the exchange) AND ALSO the quality of energy and intent we engender with money when we interact with our personal money in the collective money supply.

The very dollar bills in our pockets, and the money we hold in our hands, we can imbue with a higher vibratory resonance of integrity, love, forgiveness, support — and send it back into the money supply. We can also spend money, cultivate money, in the direction of what we would like to create on Earth.

Can you imagine a world, a networked globe of lighted people doing this everywhere, everyday? Praying through coins? Singing through cash? And sending money, with intent, back into the flow, asking the globe to be lifted with healing, conscious, constructive money? (Remember, the power of prayer has been scientifically tested to bring down crime. Why not elevate money in resonance to help, to heal, to support?)

Can you imagine how fast we could all change the financial essence, the money environment of our planet just by single daily acts of sending love and healing through the money supply? Transformational.

  • Imagine a global money supply overflowing with high vibrational, loving consciousness.
  • Imagine accepted money themes of abundance, prosperity and sustainability in symbiosis with Earth for all people.
  • Imagine a global understanding that our collective money practices and money stories come from life-times and complex DNA programming — programming we can individually and collectively shift.
  • Imagine a global collective of constructive spiritual and conscious money practices that include, embrace and celebrate every single person here while simultaneously positively impacting the big picture.

This is the Global Conscious Money Vision – serving, valuing and empowering individuals, and collectively supporting a higher consciousness for constructive and healthy global money practices.