About Dana

About Dana & The Magic Of Somatic Money


Dana Stovern,
Somatic Money Founder & Coach

The Magic Of Somatic Money is a mission driven, socially innovative experience designed to give participants a powerfully intimate, body-based and balanced connection with their money relationship.

Dana Stovern, founder and coach of The Magic Of Somatic Money, has successfully assisted numerous business owners with her somatic money method. Take a look at these top results:

  • A Denver, Colorado retail store owner grossing 1.75 million in annual business to pooled equity for the first time (instead of always pushing the red), preparing her for business expansions in 2018.
  • An Albuquerque, New Mexico contractor in launched his dream construction business, keeping his jobs in the black and grossing $200,000 in less than his first year.
  • A Fort Collins, Colorado veterinarian with a full-service vet clinic improved business cash flow while creating better financial boundaries with financially dead-beat family members.
  • A premier ski competitor and top ski instructor in Aspen, Colorado how to leveraged better autonomy for teaching in a highly competitive industry.

These are among the few success stories that Stovern, a naturally gifted intuitive, brings to this innovative body-based money relationship coaching program that is positively transformational for business owners, their employees and career professionals.

The foundation of Stovern’s intuitive life coaching practice since 2006 was a natural fit to implement this cutting edge money relationship work. The somatic money focus arrived in Stovern’s life after a near-death experience and the tragic loss of her son during pregnancy. Her unraveled life triggered a spontaneous financial intervention in the Autumn of 2011 delivering money insights, experiences and tools that she successfully implemented for herself; giving her an emotional, physical and financial recovery.

Stovern launched The Magic Of Somatic Money when she spontaneously shared her experiences and tools with several clients in financial crisis. They implemented her work, garnering bold and  beneficial results, proving to Stovern that the process could be duplicated. The Magic Of Somatic Money was born with this spark of positive universal application.

Stovern now combines body-based awareness with money relationship for deeply reflective experiences, giving individuals a fresh look at their financial picture.

Stovern lives and works on Colorado’s Western Slope in Paonia, Colorado with her husband and their family of two dogs and two cats.