Empowerment Thru Gateway Debts

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Empowerment Thru Gateway Debts

A Money Magic Moment
Empowerment Thru Gateway Debts
July 8, 2015

Did you know our debt vehicles have as much character and personality as our income? The liabilities in your debt column have insightful and helpful things to say about you and your money. The numbers do chatter.

Think about it like this. Our debt, and more specifically, each of our debt vehicles, holds the vibrational imprint of our emotion, our energy and the meaning of that debt in the vibration of the numbers. Let me set you up with an example . . .

Earlier this spring, during VIP focal-point money work with a client, Spirit World guided us to one of her debt vehicles. The debt vehicle was a low-no interest, low-balance MRI bill. She had made a point of not paying the bill while she gave attention to other, more pressing, interest-bearing debts.

But Spirit World had another message for her. They told her, “This is a Gateway Debt. That means, you pay this debt off and your cash flow, your income will experience a fresh wave of information. You’ll be empowered.” When we scanned the energies, we learned the heavy meaning of the numbers with this debt was anchoring her down, mentally, emotionally, financially — even connecting back to negative resonances of past lifetimes!

She thought about this message for a time, and when she decided to act on paying the debt off, she did it all at once.

And that’s when she reported back to me first, a slow and incremental trickle began showing up in her online jewelry sales. And then, within a couple of days, a remote client requested a custom $900 ring. She closed the sale knowing that paying off her MRI debt had deeply shifted something inside of her that she was no longer carrying. It was an empowering moment that is continuing to create shifts in her life.

This is one example of a Gateway Debt. In working with clients and Spirit World, I’m seeing a pattern of information showing us that certain debts, and not necessarily large ones, are connected to very deep emotional, energetic, and sometimes even past lifetime baggage.

When we chose to engage with these debts and pay them, not only are we financially empowering ourselves, we are also shifting a deep emotional tide, connected, perhaps, to much more than we can fathom.


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Dana Stovern is a Spiritual Coach and Soul Advocate specializing
in money mediumship with sensitive and highly sensitive persons.

She can be reached at dana@somaticmoney.com